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Bubble Roll

Bubble films are made with low density polyethylene (LDPE), the air-bubble diameter varies from 10-30 mm depending on the application. The bubbles in the material are evenly spaced thus providing firm cushioning on precious and fragile items.

Bubble roll is a pliable transparent plastic material, regularly spaced, protruding air-filled hemisphere (bubbles). Bubble wrap provides low cost, flexible cushioning protection for fragile products in transit and protects any surface from abrasion, corrosion and moisture damage.


deal solution for glassware, picture frames, ceramics, chinaware, pottery, mirrors, etc.

Packaging and cushioning solutions for Automobiles, furniture, and expensive items.

The packaging of highly polished and sensitive items, and auto spare parts packaging.

Engineering components, industrial parts Packaging.

Utilized the important things that are touchy to friction-based electricity like DVD players, Cell phones great holding power/effective grasp.

Anti-static bubble wrap can be used while shipping electronic products.


Light- weight therefore suitable for air-cargo packing

Good resilience & cushioning properties

Protects fragile goods from breakage

Strong impact resistance

Recyclable and re-usable


Moving, cargo & logistics companies

Cushioning and packaging applications in a wide range of industries

Electrical and electronics items packing and protection

Anti-static printed circuit boards (PCB) packing and wrapping

Consumer goods packing

Gift wrapping

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