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We offer quality Edge Boards, which can be used for both manual and machine packaging. These provide adequate load bearing capacity to the packaging during stacking. Apart from this, these also offer protection to the packed products from adverse handling during storage and transit.. The strength and protection of wood makes these edge boards suitable as a new-age packing material, as these reduce the wear and tear of packed products during transportation, storage and handling.

Plastic corner will cushion your packaging and allow the strap to be tightened with strapping tools to its maximum tension without damaging the product

Bubble Roll

Bubble films are made with low density polyethylene (LDPE), the air-bubble diameter varies from 10-30 mm depending on the application. The bubbles in the material are evenly spaced thus providing firm cushioning on precious and fragile items.

Bubble roll is a pliable transparent plastic material, regularly spaced, protruding air-filled hemisphere (bubbles). Bubble wrap provides low cost, flexible cushioning protection for fragile products in transit and protects any surface from abrasion, corrosion and moisture damage.

Corrugated Paper Roll

Corrugated Paper Roll sheets are one of the premium products provided by NBM Pack. With the installation and use of highly specialized machines, NBM Pack is among the leading plastic coated corrugated sheets suppliers in Dubai, widely used by construction companies in UAE. Corrugated Paper Roll is designed to protect ceramic tiles and surface scratches, damage or fading. Our clients use these sheets when constructing commercial and domestic buildings as well as horse stables, livestock storage, company warehouses and more. These roofing sheets are also used to build-up existing roof spaces for higher covering. Made of 3 layers including flat, hard sheer, polyethylene plastic, and corrugated hard sheet, these are bonded together with a special adhesive, and the brown polyethylene plastic is placed on the top, making it thicker, stronger and waterproof.

The corrugated hard sheet is placed on the bottom and made of high-quality war material, which makes it easy to fix and remove. Plus, it is reusable and cost-effective.Moreover, Corrugated Paper Roll protect 3 times better than Gypsum, Polythene, and Plywood, and we are proud to offer the best quality ones at the economical price.

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